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Jordan’s threefold path: Asserting Palestinian rights through diplomacy, aid, and international law, says analyst

By : Nedal Zubeidi

Jordan Daily – In a recent interview with Jordan TV , political analyst Dr. Monther Howarat outlined Jordan’s three-pronged approach since the onset of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation. The strategy encompasses political, humanitarian, and legal pathways.

Howarat emphasized that Jordan’s political efforts have been to assert the longstanding nature of the Palestinian issue, dating back 75 years, not merely since October 7. Jordan has engaged in international diplomacy to communicate this narrative.

The humanitarian aspect focuses on providing medical supplies and food, with Jordan contributing 25% of the aid delivered to the Gaza Strip. This support reflects Jordan’s concern over Israel’s alleged attempts to constrict Palestinian livelihoods and provoke migration, which Howarat views as a threat to the Palestinian cause.

Legally, Jordan is accumulating arguments to hold Israel accountable for decades-long violations of Jordanian and Palestinian rights. The legal case before the International Court of Justice addresses issues ranging from the situation in Gaza to the right of Palestinians to self-determination and statehood.

Al -Howarat added that the legal action follows a request for an advisory opinion from the UN General Assembly regarding Israeli occupation policies in the West Bank. Jordan’s legal team, chosen for their professional expertise rather than emotional involvement, includes Western legal experts, reflecting a strategy similar to South Africa’s positive engagement with the Palestinian issue.

The Jordanian submission to the court spans 3,000 pages, with Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi’s statements serving as a prelude to the comprehensive legal arguments presented by Jordan’s legal team, Al -Howarat noted.

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