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JPMC: Embracing challenges, celebrating achievements

By : Jordan Daily

Jordan Daily – In a world where uncertainties are commonplace, the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC) has stood as a reflection of resilience and noteworthy accomplishments. While global product prices faced a downward trend, JPMC’s response showcased a wise management and a commitment to excellence that garnered recognition and honors that extend well beyond financial figures.

JPMC’s financial results for the first half of the year paint a picture of success against the odds. The company’s pre-tax profits soared to an impressive JD 305 million, with net profits reaching JD 214.3 million. This achievement becomes even more impressive when compared to the first quarter’s profits of JD 104 million. Such substantial growth underscores the clear and tangible improvement in the company’s financial performance.

JPMC’s accomplishments haven’t gone unnoticed on the global stage . The World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB), recently granted JPMC the esteemed Business Excellence Award. This acknowledgment speaks to the company’s dedication to responsible practices and quality standards.

The company secured the award by meeting the established criteria across key categories, including business leadership, product quality, management systems, innovation and creativity, social responsibility, and results achieved.

Jesus J. Moran , President of the World Confederation of Businesses, said that JPMC’s achievement of the award mirrors its exceptional global standing and significant strides in excelling across diverse domains.

Dr. Mohammad Thneibat , Chairman of the Board of Directors, conveyed his appreciation to the executive team and employees for this achievement , noting that the award echoes JPMC’s ongoing commitment to maintaining quality and excellence in every facet of its work, reiterating the company’s adherence to international benchmarks.

The company’s efforts towards innovation and sustainable development have also been acknowledged. The ISO 31000:2018 certification in risk management, granted by the renowned Swiss company SGS, underscores JPMC’s dedication to adhering to global standards.

The certificate was granted after a thorough audit by SGS , confirming the Phosphate Mines Company’s adherence to ISO standards in risk management without any issues noted. This accreditation showcases the company’s capacity to assess, analyze, and effectively address potential risks, enabling proactive measures and goal achievement in line with strategic plans.This accomplishment underscores the company’s commitment to upgrading technical and administrative procedures across its business operations.

Eng. Abdel Wahab Alrowwad ,CEO of JPMC, remarked that achieving this worldwide accreditation is a testament to the company’s commitment to implementing top-tier global practices when addressing risk management concerns. This dedication, he noted, fosters the sought-after institutional excellence while bolstering customer trust in the company’s products.Furthermore, it enhances the company’s competitiveness both locally and globally.

Continuing its journey of success, the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company’s story continues. In a recent ranking  by Forbes, the company has secured the 71st position among the Top 100 Listed Companies in the Middle East, highlighting an impressive market value of $4.1 billion. A noteworthy achievement, the company has advanced forward 11 places from its 2022 ranking of 82, as per Forbes’ records.Notably, the company has outperformed several significant corporations and banks in the region.

JPMC’s determination, innovation, and commitment to value have helped it to succeed, even in the face of challenges. Its story shows that businesses can remain agile, face changes, and achieve distinction through dedicated efforts.

In a constantly shifting environment, JPMC is demonstrating how enduring values and strategic insight can lead to positive outcomes.

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