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JPMC , USAID, and Engicon partner to build industrial water recycling plant

Jordan Daily – Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC) , the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and consulting engineering firm Engicon inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU)  on Tuesday to establish an industrial water recycling plant for phosphate washing operations at the Shidiyya mine, a subsidiary of the JPMC .

The memorandum was signed by Eng. Abdel Wahab Alrowwad , the CEO of the company, Leslie Reed, the Director of the USAID Mission in Jordan, and Tariq Zureiqat, the CEO of Engicon. The signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Mohammad Al-Thnaibat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of (JPMC).

The memorandum aims to preserve groundwater resources by recycling water used in phosphate washing and other industrial processes. The USAID and Engicon will jointly fund the construction of the plant, which is projected to supply approximately 70 percent of the groundwater required daily for phosphate washing, according to a press release obtained by the Jordan Daily.

This facility is projected to yield around 2.51 million cubic meters of water annually, equivalent to the annual water needs of 70,000 individuals, and a 10.04 million cubic meters during its 5-year implementation phase. Over 20 years of operation, it’s expected to save a total of 50 million cubic meters of groundwater, significantly alleviating pressure on local groundwater sources and mitigating the environmental impact of untreated industrial water.

Dr. Al-Thnaibat emphasized the significance of this cooperation between JPMC and USAID, showcasing the company’s commitment to environmental preservation, safety, and enhancing industrial water management and reuse across its various facilities , expressing a keen interest in further environmental collaborations with the Agency.

Director Reed highlighted the partnership as a testament to USAID’s dedication to assisting Jordan in managing its vital water resources and setting a precedent for future initiatives aimed at safeguarding water sources. She commended the collaboration between JPMC and Engicon in the pursuit of groundwater conservation.

Mr. Zureiqat emphasized the imprtance of the project , noting that it not only achieves substantial water savings in the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company’s industrial operations but also serves as a pioneering example of private sector involvement in water conservation efforts within the Kingdom.

Funding for the construction of the industrial wastewater treatment plant at the Shidiya mine is made possible through the 2023 US – Jordanian memorandum of understanding which supports sustainable development programs throughout the Kingdom.


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