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Key figures in Karak embrace Azm Party’s openness and inclusivity agenda

By : JD News Desk

Jordan Daily – Key figures in Karak governorate have joined the Azm Party, aligning with the party’s openness and inclusivity efforts.

At a party meeting in Karak, Secretary-General Zaid Naffa underscored Azm’s commitment to youth and female participation in politics, noting that young members constitute 68% of the party, with women making up nearly half of that demographic in leadership roles.

The party aims to represent a broad spectrum of Jordanian society, promoting a national project financed by local intellect and resources, Naffa said.

Addressing Jordan’s economic challenges, Naffa advocated for strategic planning to define the country’s economic identity, focusing on sectors like agriculture, tourism, mining, and small to medium-sized industries.

“Azm’s proposals are designed to be actionable, targeting economic, political, and social reform,” Naffa stated, emphasizing the party’s unique approach to free-market economics tailored to Jordan’s context.

The party also seeks to empower people with disabilities, ensuring their active participation in political discourse and decision-making processes, in line with Azm’s broader strategy of engagement and empowerment, he added.

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