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King says Jordan rejects any scenario of Gaza reoccupation or establishing buffer zones

Jordan Daily –  His Majesty King Abdullah on Monday stressed that any scenario or consideration of the Israeli reoccupation of parts of Gaza or establishing buffer zones in it will exacerbate the crisis and infringe on Palestinian rights, according to a Royal Court statement.

At a meeting with the Senate president, House speaker, former prime ministers, and senior politicians at Al Husseiniya Palace, King Abdullah reiterated that a military or security solution will not succeed, stressing that the war must stop, and a serious political process must be launched on the basis of the two-state solution.

His Majesty stressed the importance of the unity of the Palestinian Territories and supporting the legitimate Palestinian authority, warning that Gaza must not be separated from the rest of the Palestinian Territories.

The King warned that stopping the war on Gaza and allowing the delivery of sufficient aid are issues of utmost priority, urging the international community to stop the humanitarian disaster in the Strip immediately, in line with international law and the UN Charter.

His Majesty said collective punishment, the killing of civilians, and the destruction of vital facilities including hospitals and places of worship are not acceptable to any religion or human values, noting that he clearly warned that the Israeli violations in the West Bank and Jerusalem, including settler attacks, will push the region towards an explosion and expand the conflict.

The origin of the crisis is occupation and depriving the Palestinians of their legitimate rights, said the King, adding that the solution starts here, and any other path will end in failure and lead to further cycles of violence and destruction.

His Majesty stressed that nobody can question Jordan’s firm position and its continuous efforts to defend Palestinians in Gaza, adding that Jordan has always been and will always be the major supporter for the Palestinians.

The King highlighted that the Kingdom’s deep-rooted positions towards the Palestinian cause are the result of an unwavering belief that Jordan and Palestine are always connected, throughout the past and into the future.

For their part, attendees highlighted the importance of Jordan’s role in communicating with the international community and capitals around the world to pressure Israel to stop its war on Gaza, noting that Jordan’s position, under the King’s leadership, is progressive and seeks to alleviate the injustice inflicted upon the Palestinians.

They highlighted the strength of Jordan’s internal front and Jordanians’ support for His Majesty’s strong position in defending the Palestinians, commending the King’s regional and international efforts towards stopping the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

They also expressed support for Jordan’s bold measures to protect its security and national interests, commending the Kingdom’s rejection of attempts to forcibly displace or internally displace the Palestinians, and commending the Egyptian position in this regard.

The speakers noted that the King has foreseen and repeatedly warned against the dangers witnessed today as a result of Israeli violations, calling on the international community to take His Majesty’s current warnings into consideration to avoid a spill over of the conflict.

The Palestinian issue cannot be overlooked when speaking about regional coexistence and peace, they said, stressing that Jordan’s outreach to the region and the world stated clearly that the conflict did not start on 7 October this year, and that Jordan has been countering the Israeli narrative that sought to mislead international public opinion.

Attendees also stressed the importance of Jordanian efforts to dispatch relief, humanitarian, and medical aid to the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, and General Intelligence Department Director Maj. Gen. Ahmad Husni also spoke at the meeting.

Senate President Faisal Fayez, House Speaker Ahmad Safadi, and former prime ministers Abdur-Rau’f Rawabdeh, Samir Rifai, Awn Khasawneh, Abdullah Ensour, and Hani Mulki attended the meeting.

Head of the Senate Financial and Economic Committee Rajai Muasher, Senator Abdul Ilah Khatib, head of the Senate’s Palestine Committee Nayef Qadi, Senator Nasser Judeh, and Head of the House of Representatives’ Palestine Committee Firas Ajarmeh were also in attendance.

Royal Hashemite Court Chief Yousef Issawi and Director of the Office of His Majesty Jafar Hassan also attended the meeting.

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