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King’s speech resonates with Azm Party’s vision,says Zaid Naffa

Jordan Daily –  Zaid Naffa, Secretary-General of the Azm Party, expressed his delight at the alignment of King Abdullah II’s speech during Sunday’s Silver Jubilee celebration with the vision and political and economic discourse of the Party.

Naffa noted that His Majesty addressed several important topics in his speech, foremost among them the strength of the internal front, which has contributed to thwarting all ill-intended schemes against the Jordanian state.

He highlighted that the King spoke about the determination of Jordanians to succeed and his pride in Jordanians worldwide. He also drew attention to His Majesty’s discussion of “Jordanian identity” without any changes, or additions, interpreting it as a clear political message.

Nafa confirmed that he listened attentively to the King’s speech, pointing out His Majesty’s discussion on attracting investments to Jordan which aligns with the Azm Party’s focus on economic development and prosperity for the Jordanian people.

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