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Ministry of Environment calls for urgent action to reduce plastic overuse in Jordan

Jordan Daily – Mohammad Khashashneh, the Secretary-General of Ministry of Environment, has sounded an alarm about the substantial plastic consumption rate among the country’s citizens.

Khashashneh unveiled a disquieting statistic: each Jordanian utilizes an estimated 500 plastic bags annually, collectively contributing to an astonishing count of roughly 100 million plastic bags that end up discarded in the local environment.

This surge in plastic waste has propelled the annual plastic waste within the country’s overall waste to a worrying 17%.

Drawing attention to the gravity of the situation, Al-Khashashneh emphasized that the country is grappling with a significant crisis of plastic overuse. He specifically highlighted the widespread use of plastic bags, which further exacerbates environmental pressures. This concern is backed by a study revealing dire outcomes, notably the distressing loss of 2,200 livestock due to the widespread dispersal of these bags.

Khashashneh underscored the detrimental consequences of haphazard plastic incineration for varying purposes. He shed light on the harmful effects this practice has on individuals’ health, warning about the associated health hazards.

Khashashneh strongly advocated for greater attention to be directed towards this pressing concern.

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