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Ministry of Tourism announces new vision for ‘Our Jordan is a Paradise’

By : JD

Jordan Daily – Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has announced a new vision for its domestic tourism program, ‘Urdunna Jannah’ , “Our Jordan is a Paradise”, targeting 170,000 participants this year. The program aims to stimulate domestic tourism in Jordan and empower local communities, supporting the tourism sector amid current regional conditions.

The ministry reported that 40,689 participants joined the program in the first quarter of this year. The new vision includes adding numerous tourist destinations from north to south, in addition to the main tourist destinations currently available in the program.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the ministry is working on adding a program for school trips. These trips will be linked to precise standards that determine the places students should visit, the uniqueness and importance of these places, and their connection to the curriculum.

The ministry is also working on adding a group program for domestic tourism, targeting private companies, government institutions, and universities. The cost of one-day trips in the program is 10 dinars per person, including lunch and drinks, with children under four years old participating for free.

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