NAMAA Party Secretary-General’s outreach visit to Al-Yarut in Karak

By : staff writer

Jordan Daily – In a concerted effort to maintain close ties with citizens across various regions, NAMAA Party Secretary-General Dr. Mohammad Al-Rawashdeh, accompanied by several party leaders, responded to an invitation from Dr. Haider Al-Majali, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Elders and member of the Economic Council, to visit the town of Al-Yarut of Karak Governorate.

During his visit, Dr. Al-Rawashdeh met with prominent figures of the Al-Majali tribe, as well as of Karak’s residents, at the guesthouse of the late Abdul Wahab Al-Majali.

At the outset of the meeting, Dr. Al-Rawashdeh outlined the party’s vision, objectives, and economic program, which is built on three fundamental pillars: local development, aimed at fostering village-level growth rather than provincial; stimulating economic growth across various sectors; and establishing platforms for qualification, training, and employment, which form the economic program’s backbone.

The Secretary-General also highlighted the challenges facing the Jordanian economy, emphasizing the need to stimulate growth and increase local production and exports.

Dr. Al-Rawashdeh expressed the pride felt by NAMAA members and Jordanians in the international and regional diplomatic efforts led by His Majesty King Abdullah II and Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah to halt the brutal conflict in the Gaza Strip, advocating for the legitimate Palestinian cause and seeking a fair and peaceful resolution to the longstanding conflict.

The meeting concluded with an extensive discussion on various issues, where attendees expressed their appreciation for NAMAA Party’s actionable programs and ideas that serve the country and its citizens.

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