NARC conducts a workshop on non-conventional water re-use in agriculture in the Mediterranean countries

Jordan Daily – The National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), hosted an International Round-table including Partners from Tunisia, Italy, Spain, Palestine, Jordan and the European Union within MENAWARA project, funded by the EU, to share experiences on non-conventional water re-use in agriculture.

Dr. Nizar Haddad, the Director General of NARC confirmed NARC endeavor to find successful solutions to many challenges facing the agricultural sector, especially those related to water, climate and environment, affirming that NARC is dedicating all its potentials and expertise for the support of farmers and the agricultural sector as well.

Haddad reiterated his pride in partnering with friend countries to unite national and regional efforts to find solutions to water challenges; in light of the decline of the share of water allocated to agriculture by 1% per year. He stated that the project will enable farmers to use modern technology in sub-surface irrigation by employing innovation in the agricultural sector, which will have a positive impact on water efficiency and reduce evaporation.

The General Coordinator of the MENAWARA Project, Dr. Alberto Carletti paid tribute to the leading role of NARC of attracting competencies and experts from several countries to discuss the challenges facing water, particularly in non-conventional waters, by creating interlinkages between farmers and decision makers.

Dr. Carletti also added that the world is looking forward to an active partnership with NARC, which has become a reference for the development of scientific research at local and international levels, through research projects implemented in NARC research stations working in the different ecosystems in Jordan.

On the other hand, Dr. Naem Mazahrih, the National Coordinator of MANAWARA Project, said that the international workshop will be marked by the launch of (MEDWAYCAP) exhibition, as well as, the launch of the innovation camp for designs of concrete solutions that meet the challenges of water scarcity using non-conventional water.

Dr. Roula Khadra, a researcher from Bari Institute, commended the fruitful cooperation between the Institute and NARC through mutual projects.

Researcher Giovana Draghetti from Bari, emphasized that NARC has pioneered the use of innovation through designing solutions to water scarcity problems, and that the Agricultural Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubator at NARC is the first of its kind in the region.

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