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NARC to introduce modern crowd management technology at National Olive Festival

Jordan Daily – Dr. Nizar Haddad, the Director General of  National Agricultural Research Center NARC, stated that modern crowd management technology will be introduced at the 21st National Olive Festival and Rural Products’ Exhibition with the help from one of the recent projects embraced in the agricultural innovation incubator at NARC.

Haddad indicted that this technique introduced by NARC keeps pace with modern advanced technologies, especially in light of the health restrictions that Jordan and the world are experiencing with the Corona pandemic, which require solutions to social distancing and immunity; where comes SILA DST technology as one of the solutions to limit the spread of the Corona virus within the festival venue.

“The technique works through a device that measures temperature and takes face scans, added to an automated visitor counting system, which will make it easy to count the visitors of the festival. Moreover, it will evaluate the purchasing capacity through the festival”. Haddad said.

Mr. Mahmoud Al-Hamayel, Operations Manager at SILA Disinfection and Systems Technology (DST), said that this project is one of the agricultural innovation incubator projects at NARC, and it is the first in the region for disinfection; it is a smart disinfection portal developed by a group of electrical engineers and mechanics for crowd management, and accredited by the Royal Scientific Society and the Jordan Food and Drug Administration.

He added that this technology is considered one of the best techniques in the world with its comparative advantage in its ability to control crowds through a counting system that counts the festival visitors, that will enter the festival venue from its 4 main entrances which will be equipped with this system.

Al-Hamayel indicated that there is a service to ensure that face masks are worn, and sends an alert voice message when there is lack of commitment in wearing facemasks, to prevent the spread of the virus, in addition to measuring the temperature and disinfection.

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