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NCHR stresses peaceful expression amid Gaza solidarity stands

By : JD 

Jordan Daily – The National Center for Human Rights (NCHR) has emphasized the importance of peaceful expression of opinions and non-aggression towards law enforcement and public and private properties, according to a statement released on Sunday.

“The NCHR has been closely monitoring solidarity stands with our people in the Gaza Strip and related detention issues. The center stressed that individuals have the right to express their opinions and exercise the right to peaceful assembly, adhering to international human rights standards and the national legislative system,” the statement said.

The center noted that during these stands, individuals were enabled to exercise this right and express their opinions. These marches were protected and organized by law enforcement agencies. The center affirmed the necessity of committing to expressing opinions through peaceful and legitimate means, as stipulated by the Jordanian constitution, international human rights standards, and national legislations.

In the same context, the center emphasized the necessity of not using force against participants and not resorting to the use of force except in exceptional and limited cases in accordance with the provisions of the law. The center pointed out that the force used by law enforcement agencies to confront any attacks on private or public properties or on law enforcement agencies should be proportionate and necessary.

The center referred  in its statement to international human rights standards that affirmed that detention and arrest should not be the general rule and should be in the narrowest limits. This is what the Jordanian constitution and national legislations confirmed, that detention is an exceptional measure and is carried out according to specific controls and for specific purposes.

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