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Over 15,000 Ukrainian refugees seek homelessness support in UK- report

Jordan Daily – A UK government report revealed on Friday that over 15,000 Ukrainian refugees have sought homelessness support due to the breakdown of arrangements with their British hosts under the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme.

Since its inception in January, the program has welcomed approximately 141,000 Ukrainians, offering British homeowners a monthly stipend of £350 to house them. However, by August’s end, nearly 4,890 Ukrainian households faced homelessness, and an additional 3,000 individuals have since sought aid.

The report attributes these issues to the dissolution of sponsor relationships and the non-renewal of six-month contracts, without detailing the causes.

Incomplete data due to non-reporting by a third of local councils exacerbates the issue, with many authorities not documenting reasons for sponsors’ withdrawal. Previous warnings in August 2022 foresaw the potential for 50,000 homeless Ukrainians as compensation was deemed insufficient and sponsorships were intended as short-term solutions.

The government is now urged to ensure a sustainable and cost-effective sponsor supply for the future.

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