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Princess Basma praises Jordanian women’s capability in top jobs

Jordan Daily –  Princess Basma Bint Talal, Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Women, Chairperson of the Jordanian National Committee for Women (JNCW), said that Jordanian women still capable of reaching top posts locally and internationally.

The princess made her remarks, yesterday in a reception organized by the UN Women and the JNCW on the occasion of appointing Sima Bahouth as the Executive Director of the United Nations Women.

Her Highness said appointing Bahouth has important implications not only for Jordanian women, but also for Arab women as a whole, and represents a global recognition of the ability and competence of Arab women in serving the causes of their counterparts in all countries of the world.

During the event attended by UN Women Jordan representative Ziad Sheikh, Her Highness considered that the path ahead for women in many countries of the world is still full of challenges that prevent them from being empowered, which reinforces the importance of the concerted efforts of all national and international efforts to confront these challenges, in order to a prosperous future for women, recognizing their political, social and economic rights, empowering them and enhancing their role.

Her Highness praised the partnership between the JNCW, the UN Women in Jordan and the official bodies concerned with women’s issues and various civil society organizations, and the successes achieved by this partnership in empowering women and combating forms of violence against them in various fields.

For her part, Bahouth said her appointment would not have been achieved without the great attention women enjoy by the Hashemite leadership and its continued support in this regard.

JNCW Secretary General Salma Al Nims noted to the importance of the strategic partnership at the national level with the UN Women, and its role in strengthening the work of the committee to formulate a national vision for women.

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