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Princess Basma stresses the importance of media in raising awareness of women’s issues

Jordan Daily – Princess Basma, chairperson of the Jordanian National Committee for Women (JNCW), stressed the importance to continue national efforts to empower Jordanian women in various fields and maximise and build on the successes they made in the administrative and leadership positions they hold.

The princess’ remarks came during a meeting organised as part of the activities of the annual international campaign against gender-based violence, 2021, titled: “Together to end political violence against women in the public and political spheres — She has a place and status” on Tuesday, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The princess also stressed the role of youth, as “the nucleus of positive and real societal change”, and investing in their energies in various fields.

Her Highness pointed to the importance of the media in raising awareness of women’s issues and their political, social and economic rights, combating all forms of violence and bullying against women, and avoiding irresponsible and unconscious criticism of women.

She stressed the importance of networking among all national institutions and the concerned authorities, and exchanging expertise among them to advance the role of women in public life, recognise their role and achievements in society and enhance the construction and development process.

JNCW Secretary General Salma Al Nims said the committee focuses on youth as a key pillar in change, analysis, innovation and changing trends, noting the importance of youth in spreading societal awareness towards women’s issues.

During the meeting, Her Highness listened to a number of youth initiatives from various regions of the Kingdom in the field of raising awareness of women’s rights, empowering them socially, politically and economically, and rejecting all forms of violence directed against them.

The JNCW focuses on supporting the establishment of local, national and international alliances and networks, especially for youth, to raise awareness about the positive effects of achieving gender equality on society as a whole, the importance and active role of women, and the need to enhance their participation in building societies and achieving prosperity, security and peace.

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