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Protests across Jordan condemning Israeli atrocities in Gaza

By : JD

Jordan Daily – Today, after Friday prayers, the capital city of Amman and other governorates witnessed protest marches and rallies organized by popular and party activists. The demonstrations were held to condemn the crimes and violations committed by the Israeli occupation forces against innocent civilians in Gaza.

On the 147th day of the brutal aggression, protesters expressed outrage over the Nablus Square massacre. Dozens of martyrs and hundreds of injured Palestinians fell victim to live ammunition fired by the Israeli forces. These civilians were waiting for aid in the northern besieged strip.

The demonstrators called on the international community and global organizations to halt the genocidal war and mass killings targeting hungry civilians. The ongoing strategy aims to depopulate Gaza and its northern regions by perpetuating hunger and using it as a weapon in this devastating conflict.

Amidst the rallies, participants hailed the resilience of Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation forces. Despite facing a genocidal war and gruesome atrocities, they continue to stand firm, resisting ethnic cleansing.

High praise was also directed toward Jordan, led by His Majesty King Abdullah II. The Jordanian Armed Forces, under His Majesty’s direct supervision, conducted humanitarian air drops to assist Gaza’s residents, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to ending the Israeli war and aggression on Gaza.

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