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PSD maintains order and discipline amidst nighttime demonstrations- statement

By : staff writer

Jordan Daily – The Public Security Directorate (PSD) issued a statement regarding some of the events that accompanied the demonstrations and gatherings last night in certain areas of the capital.

The statement clarified that the PSD dealt with some of the gatherings and assemblies that occurred in certain areas of the capital last night. The security personnel present to maintain order and security handled the situation with utmost discipline and professionalism, a practice they have consistently followed for several months during which thousands of citizens took to the streets to express their opinions.

The statement further highlighted that during the past night and the preceding days, these gatherings witnessed transgressions, insults, and attempts to assault the Public Security personnel. They were described in entirely unacceptable terms. Additionally, there were attempts to vandalize and attack public and private properties, as well as road blockades preventing vehicle passage. Both men and women participated in these violations, intentionally engaging with Public Security personnel over several days.

Despite these challenges, the PSD personnel maintained the highest level of self-control, especially when dealing with some female participants. However, as these transgressions escalated to an unprecedented level and some persisted in deliberate assaults and insults, several individuals were apprehended. The Directorate will thoroughly investigate all videos recorded or circulated during these incidents.

The Public Security Directorate reaffirms its commitment to maintaining public security with professionalism. It will continue to enable citizens to express their opinions within the framework of the law. Furthermore, it will enforce the law against anyone attempting to exceed boundaries, incite actions, or make derogatory statements about security personnel or provoke unrest on social media.

The Directorate emphasizes its readiness to confront anyone attempting road closures, arson, or property destruction, urging cooperation and compliance from all parties.

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