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Queen visits Tal Al Rumman Women’s Cooperative in Al Balqa’

Jordan Daily – Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah Tuesday visited Tal Al Rumman Women’s Cooperative in Al Balqa’ to learn more about its economic and social empowerment programmes supporting women in rural areas.

Her Majesty met with the cooperative’s president, Ayda Ghanmeh, and members of its board of directors for a briefing on the Cooperative’s achievements and future plans.

As the sole community-based organization in the village, Tal Al Rumman Women’s Cooperative empowers women through skill-specific training sessions, ranging from workshops on dairy production to sewing and embroidery.

The Cooperative is keen on creating job opportunities for the local community and promoting sustainable development. It has launched a productive kitchen to improve the livelihoods of Tal Al Rumman women through cooking.

The Queen later toured the Cooperative’s headquarters, stopping by a training session on food production, and one of its vegetable farms. She also took a look at its hydroponic greenhouse project, which relies on nutrient solutions, rather than soil, to grow vegetables more efficiently.

This growing technique allows the women to reap large produce yields without involving sunlight or extra labor.

Established in 2017, the Cooperative covers a range of vocational fields through its empowerment programmes, including agriculture, baking, and sewing, and it runs a clothing bank for the disadvantaged families in the area.



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