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Quest for knowledge and impact: Dr. Yacoub Nasereddin’s journey of vision and dedication

By : Jordan Daily 

Jordan Daily – In the records of personal and professional development , there are stories that stand out as exemplars of unwavering dedication and visionary leadership .Dr. Yacoub Nasereddin‘s life journey is one such narrative – a testament to the transformative power of education, resilience, and the pursuit of a higher purpose.

Nasereddin’s story begins with humble origins during his first university years. He toiled tirelessly, juggling his studies with simple jobs to ensure his educational pursuits and daily necessities. His resilience bore fruit, leading to his graduation in 1977. He embarked on his professional journey as an accountant, subsequently ascending the career ladder to become a supervisor in poultry and chicken farms, a sales manager, and eventually, director of factories. His relentless pursuit of excellence culminated in senior management roles within a public joint-stock company.

However, it was in 1984 that Dr. Nasereddin’s path took a remarkable turn. He founded the “Yan” company, a venture whose name bears significance as it encapsulates the initials of his own name, his father’s, and his family’s. What began as a business venture soon expanded into medicines and medical supplies.

Dr. Nasereddin’s journey as an entrepreneur took a profound shift when he realized that the true value of his resources lay in the realm of education and scientific research. He recognized that investing in education at all levels and across diverse fields of scientific inquiry was the pathway to serving society and advancing the country toward its goals.

In 2005, he laid the foundation for the Middle East University in Amman, declaring “Knowledge is Power” as its guiding principle. The university became a beacon of education, not only for the local community but also for the Arab and global spheres.

Driven by his vision for universal education and scientific research, Dr. Nasereddin embarked on two pivotal journeys. Firstly, he transformed the university’s infrastructure to meet international standards. Secondly, he established collaborations with prestigious international universities. Today, the Middle East University hosts programs from British institutions like Bedfordshire and Strathclyde, offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Furthermore, the university has forged partnerships with numerous Arab and international academic and research institutions.

In his pursuit of educational excellence, Dr. Nasereddin continued his own postgraduate studies, earning master’s and doctoral degrees in business administration and strategic planning. His family members also followed suit, equipping themselves with the skills necessary for effective university administration, teaching, and contributing to the development of higher education systems.

Dr. Nasereddin’s dedication and commitment extended beyond academia. His Majesty King Abdullah II recognized his expertise and appointed him as a member of the Royal Committee to Modernise the Political System . He specifically chose to serve on the Youth Empowerment Committee, aligning with his belief in the importance of involving university students in decision-making processes and nurturing democracy and human rights.

Alongside his academic pursuits, Dr. Nasereddin is an accomplished author, with a collection of books covering diverse areas such as thinking, planning, strategic management, and good governance. He has lectured at several universities and military and security colleges, sharing his insights and knowledge.

Recently appointed as a member of the twenty-ninth Senate, Dr. Nasereddin firmly believes that youth engagement in political parties is essential for driving positive change, asserting that the empowerment of young individuals in public life is a collective goal for the entire country.

His vision for Jordan’s evolving political landscape is rooted in democratic principles, echoing the foundational discussions and consultations that paved the way for the country’s modern partisan experience. Dr. Nasereddin’s journey remains an inspiring testament to the boundless possibilities of education , dedication, and unwavering commitment to a higher purpose.


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