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Regent inaugurates headquarters of 42 Amman program for computer science

Jordan Daily – His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Regent, on Monday inaugurated the headquarters of the 42 Amman program, a Crown Prince Foundation initiative for computer science and programming training launched in February.

The 42 Amman free training program aims to nurture a generation of programmers through project-based learning without teachers or lectures.

It targets various age groups from different regions in Jordan, and registration does not require prior certificates or academic qualifications.

During a meeting with a number of participants, Crown Prince Al Hussein was briefed on the participants’ experience and the positive impact that resulted from their enrollment in the program.

The program hones the skills of young Jordanians and opens new professional paths for them to ensure their readiness for the future labour market.

His Royal Highness also watched an introductory video on the program, which includes training to gain the required skills by working on individual and group projects and participating in field training, in order to become a qualified programmer, without the need for previous professional experience.

The program’s courses include cybersecurity, advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence, game development, robotics programming, and systems and network administration.

The 42 Amman programme is affiliated with the Ecole 42 global network, which includes 54 centers in 31 countries, and whose graduates have achieved high employment rates in international technology companies.

The Crown Prince Foundation plans to launch the programme soon in Irbid to serve the northern region.

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