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Safadi says Israel killing civilians, pushing region to crisis

By : JD News Desk

Jordan Daily – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Safadi rejected Israel’s claim of self-defence in its war on Gaza, saying it is killing innocent civilians and pushing the region towards crisis and conflict.

Ayman Safadi said in a televised interview that Jordan has seen a shift in the international community’s position since Oct. 7, from clear support for Israel to growing recognition of the catastrophic consequences of its actions.

Safadi said Jordan’s diplomatic efforts has helped to raise awareness of the urgent need for more humanitarian aid to Gaza, where people were suffering from death, hunger and lack of medical supplies.

“Our goal is to stop the war, secure a ceasefire and speed up the delivery of assistance,” Safadi said.

Safadi also criticised Israel’s disregard for the U.N. General Assembly’s call for an end to the war, saying Israel is violating international law.

He reaffirmed King Abdullah II’s commitment to supporting the Palestinian cause and said the king has made it clear that the issue of displacement is a red line for Jordan.

“We will not allow a solution to the Palestinian issue at the expense of Jordan or the Palestinian people’s right to establish their sovereign state on their ancestral land,” Safadi said.

He added that the king has conveyed the Arab and Palestinian perspective to Europe and the world, stressing that the conflict is not about religion but about rights and that the historical complexity of the issue did not justify civilian casualties.

Safadi dismissed the idea of ignoring the Palestinian issue as a way to achieve regional peace as futile. He reiterated that lasting peace could only be achieved through a two-state solution that respects Palestinian rights.

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