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Sawalha: Jordan faces unprecedented wave of infiltration attempts on its northern border

By : JD News Desk

Jordan Daily –  Political writer Najeh Sawalha said on Monday that the country’s northern border is facing an unprecedented wave of infiltration attempts by armed groups, amid its focus on supporting the Palestinians in Gaza.

Sawaleh, said in an article in Alrai newspaper, that Jordan’s political and humanitarian efforts for Gaza are taking all the time of King Abdullah and the diplomatic activity, while some parties are trying to destabilize the country’s internal security.

He added that the border breaches, which he described as a high-level malicious plan, have increased in recent weeks and involved modern weapons and devices.

He praised the role of the Jordanian army and security agencies in defending the homeland and expressed solidarity with the people in Gaza.

“May God protect Jordan and our hearts and prayers are for those who defend the country day and night. This homeland will remain as it is, proud and beautiful, for all time. Our effort is to defend the Palestinian cause and provide support to the people in Gaza, the steadfastness,” he concluded.

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