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Senate committee visits NARC, lauds center’s excellence and modern practices

Jordan Daily – The National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) , recently honored with the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence, is making significant strides in developing the agricultural sector through scientific research and modern technology, according to Dr. Akef Al-Zoubi, head of the Agriculture and Water Committee in the House of Senate.

During a visit to the center, Al-Zoubi lauded the center’s contributions to the agricultural sector, which align with royal directives to advance the sector through human resource investment and the adoption of modern farming practices , highlighting the center’s role in attracting international projects focused on scientific research, training, and development.

Dr. Nizar Haddad, the center’s director general , expressed appreciation for the committee’s visit and emphasized that the center’s research services are a result of dedicated efforts to address challenges in the agricultural sector. This includes the transfer of modern technology, training, and networking with national institutions in cooperation with local and international partners.

Haddad pointed out that the center was the first Arab institution to align its goals with the national strategy and the first to introduce hydroponic farming, drip irrigation, and protected agriculture in the kingdom , adding that NARC has also developed laboratory equipment by introducing modern devices rarely used in the Middle East and has developed a global-level national seed bank in cooperation with Hashemite University.

He pointed out that NARC was the first to introduce an incubator for agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship, noting that the center’s agricultural research results have played a prominent role in achieving food security and agricultural sustainability and was also tasked with creating an agricultural map, a water harvest map, and a flash flood map.

Members of the committee, including Dr. Atef Al-Hajaya, Saud Al-Adwan, and Abdullah Al-Matar, toured the center, visiting the innovation and agricultural entrepreneurship incubator, the training hall, and the library.

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