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Senator Momani addresses Cosmopolitan Club on regional challenges and solutions


Jordan Daily – Mohammad Momani, former minister, and member of the Senate,  delivered a comprehensive address at the Cosmopolitan Rotary Club in Amman’s Hyatt hotel on April 24th, shedding light on pressing regional issues and proposing solutions.

Momani described the Middle East as a failed region that requires external assistance. He outlined the absence of a regional security framework, the enduring Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Iran’s influence as primary challenges in the Middle East. “The absence of a regional security and cooperation system is a major challenge,” he said in a statement sent to Jordan Daily.

Expressing optimism for a two-state solution, Momani believes international pressure will catalyze progress despite prevailing challenges. He stressed Jordan’s pivotal role in regional stability, advocating for a just resolution to the conflict, citing the exacerbation of hate speech, extremism, and violence. The Palestinian-Israel conflict is the longest and most complicated conflict in the region and Israel is losing the battle for public opinion due to its negative image in the media. “The creation of a Palestinian state is in the best interests of all parties involved, including Palestinians, Jordanians, and Israelis.”

Senator Momani described the conflict as  “the root cause” behind many problems in the region, including hate speech and extremism. –“Solving the conflict will not solve all other problems in the region, but it will lead to a different dynamic in the region and increase cooperation.”

He discussed the critical issue of water scarcity, supporting initiatives like a national water carrier. He also addressed economic hurdles, suggesting the establishment of IT centers and the export of human resources.

Ahead of upcoming elections, Momani, the secretary general of Mithaq party, delineated his party’s stance on regional affairs, particularly Gaza, reaffirming their dedication to Jordanian national identity and stability.

After the speech and questions and answers, club president Nasri J. Rabadi presented Senator Momani with the Rotary flag and a letter of appreciation.


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