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South Africa stands up to Israel’s apartheid and war crimes

By : Nedal Zubeidi

Jordan Daily – South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel at the International Court of Justice is a bold and courageous move that deserves applause and support.

For too long, Israel has been getting away with murder in its brutal and illegal war on Palestinians in West Bank and currently in Gaza, which has killed thousands of civilians, destroyed vital infrastructure, and violated international law and human rights. It is high time that Israel faces the music for its atrocities and crimes against humanity, and that the world hears the shocking and hateful statements of its leaders, who have shown no remorse or restraint in their aggression and oppression.

South Africa has a moral authority and a historical responsibility to stand up to Israel’s apartheid and colonial policies, which are reminiscent of its own dark past under the white minority rule. South Africa knows firsthand the pain and suffering of living under a system of racial discrimination and domination, and the struggle for freedom and dignity. It also knows the value of solidarity and resistance, and the role of international law and justice in ending tyranny and injustice.

That is why South Africa has always been a staunch ally of the Palestinian cause, and a vocal critic of Israel’s violations and abuses.

Israel’s reaction to South Africa’s lawsuit is nothing but a desperate attempt to divert attention from its own guilt and culpability. Israel has resorted to its usual tactics of smearing and slandering South Africa, accusing it of anti-Semitism, being a puppet of Iran and Hamas, and being ungrateful and hateful. These accusations are laughable and hypocritical, coming from a state that has maintained close ties with the apartheid regime in South Africa for the last days , and that has shown no gratitude or respect for the international community that has supported its existence and security.

Israel has no moral ground to lecture South Africa, or anyone else, about human rights and democracy, when it is the one that is trampling on them every day in Palestine.

South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel is not only a legal challenge, but also a moral and political one. It is a challenge to the world’s conscience and values, and to the international order and law. It is a challenge to end the double standards and the impunity that Israel enjoys, and to hold it accountable for its actions and crimes.

It is a challenge to support the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination and statehood, and to end the occupation and siege that have made their lives a living hell. It is a challenge to uphold the principles of justice and peace, and to prevent another genocide from happening in our time.

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