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Temperatures soar as Jordan experiences significant heatwave

Jordan Daily – A significant heatwave, accompanied by a thermal surface depression, is progressively impacting Jordan, causing a substantial increase in temperatures today, Sunday.

The weather is expected to be relatively hot across most regions, with more intense heat in the Badia, the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba. Dusty conditions are anticipated, particularly in the Badia regions during the evening, with moderate southeast winds.

The Meteorological Department’s report highlights the risk of direct sun exposure during peak hours (noon), especially in the Badia, the Jordan Valley, and Aqaba. It also cautions against starting fires in forested areas, leaving children unattended in closed vehicles, and the potential for reduced visibility due to dust, particularly in the Badia regions.

Moreover, temperatures are predicted to rise further on Monday, exceeding the usual averages for this time of year by approximately 8-9 degrees Celsius. The weather is forecasted to be hot and dry across various regions, with dusty conditions, especially in the Badia regions, and moderate southeast winds that may intensify intermittently.

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