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Water Minister meets with UNICEF to discuss pressing challenges

Jordan Daily –  Minister of Water and Irrigation, Raed Abu Saud, held a meeting with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Representative to Jordan, Philippe Duamelle, to address the pressing challenges facing the country’s water sector, exacerbated by the substantial influx of refugees.

Minister Abu Saud expressed grave concern over the dwindling water resources, attributing the shortage to unpredictable rainfall patterns triggered by climate change. This scarcity has significantly impacted both citizens and host communities, including those accommodating large refugee populations, adding immense strain to the water sector.

Abu Saud urgently called for expedited funding to facilitate the implementation of projects aimed at meeting the water demands of all regions. Such initiatives are critical to enhancing access to water for both Jordanian citizens and refugees.

In acknowledgment of UNICEF’s unwavering dedication, the minister expressed his gratitude for the organization’s persistent efforts in improving the quality of services in areas hosting refugees.

Philippe Duamelle, the UNICEF Representative, reiterated the organization’s commitment to supporting Jordan’s water sector in alignment with the Ministry’s priorities. He emphasized the importance of increased international assistance to the water sector, particularly given the strains faced by UNICEF, which concentrates on water and sanitation.

Duamelle praised Jordan’s commendable efforts in hosting a substantial number of Syrian refugees and effectively managing the challenges posed by the protracted Syrian refugee crisis. He also highlighted the strong partnership between the water sector and UNICEF, aimed at bolstering water and sanitation services for vulnerable communities and enhancing resilience against climate change impacts.

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