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‘ Zamakan ‘ platform- Arab Climate Change House launched

Jordan Daily – Zamakan platform – Arab Climate Change House was launched, with the support of the MEPI Alumni Association and IREX, with the aim to simplify the concept of climate change and communicate it in a simple and easy way to all segments of the society regardless of their cultural and academic references through the use of social media and various extracurricular activities.

Zamakan platform offers many free training courses on various topics related to climate change such as climate change and women, climate change for children, introduction to climate change and other courses as well , according to a statement .

The founder of the platform, Dr. Abdelazim Tamimi, expressed the need to explain the concept of climate change and simplify it to all segments of society, as climate change is widely tackled among scientists and specialists without involving the rest of the other societal groups that will inevitably face climate change and its effects in the near future.

“Therefore, this platform was created to simplify the concept of climate change to them and to give tangible and easy-to-implement solutions by everyone, in addition to creating an Arab community of defenders of nature and climate rights.”

The project manager, Yanal Al-Dabbas, confirmed that Zamakan platform is currently working with the competent authorities to start awareness campaigns about climate change in public and private schools in all Jordanian governorates during the next year, as these campaigns will be concluded with a conference on climate change – for school students; as they are the age group that will most inevitably suffer the effects of climate change.

Zamakan platform welcomes everyone and invites you to join by participating on social media platforms or the website , the statement noted.

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