Assad praises King’s clear stance to support Syria during difficult circumstances

Jordan Daily -Syrian President Bashar Al Assad on Wednesday received Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Ayman Safadi who conveyed His Majesty King Abdullah’s condolences over the victims of the recent earthquake, stressing the Kingdom’s utmost solidarity with Syria and offering all necessary humanitarian and relief assistance to those affected.

During the meeting, Safadi stressed that Jordan, under His Majesty’s directives, will continue to send assistance to the Syrian people, according to a Foreign Ministry statement.

President Assad expressed his appreciation for King Abdullah’s condolences and solidarity with Syria in facing the repercussions of the earthquake and for the aid that Jordan sends to Syria, praising His Majesty’s clear stance to support Syria during these difficult circumstances.

Jordan immediately began sending aid to Syria after the earthquake by sending aircraft, dispatched by the Royal Jordanian Air Force and the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation, to Damascus in coordination with the Syrian government.

The Kingdom also sent assistance to Aleppo, in coordination with the UN, for those affected by the earthquake in northern Syria.

Amman also continues to send assistance by land to those affected by the earthquake in coordination with the Syrian government and the UN.

Later on Wednesday, an additional aid airplane was scheduled to arrive in Damascus as trucks continued to deliver aid by land.

Safadi and the Syrian president discussed developing bilateral relations to best serve the two countries and peoples.

During the meeting, also attended by Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad, the two sides discussed efforts to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis in a way that addresses all humanitarian, security, economic and political ramifications.

As an expression of Jordan’s solidarity with Syria, Safadi and Mekdad held extensive talks to discuss relief needs during the visit.

In remarks to the press, Safadi said that he met with President Assad, to whom he conveyed His Majesty’s condolences to Syria over the victims of the earthquake, as well as His Majesty’s confirmation that Jordan will provide “all that it can” to help the Syrian people deal with the consequences of the earthquake, which claimed many lives.

This is an issue that requires solidarity, he added, referring to King Abdullah’s directives to dispatch several relief airplanes and trucks to Damascus and Aleppo to deliver assistance to those affected.

For his part, Mekdad expressed Syria’s appreciation for Safadi’s visit to Damascus, and noted that the visit came “at the right time after the earthquake hit several Syrian governorates.”

He also expressed his gratitude for the Kingdom’s aid, as his country is suffering from the repercussions of the earthquake.

“It was an expected gesture from the Kingdom and its people to stand with the Syrian people,” Mekdad noted, referring to the long-term cooperation between the two nations.

Mekdad added that the Syrian people “feel grateful” for all the assistance.

The Kingdom has so far dispatched 12 aid-carrying flights and 21 trucks in implementation of the Royal directives to help those affected by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey. Jordan’s assistance to the two countries continues to flow as of Wednesday.

On February 7, two planes were dispatched to Turkey carrying a Jordanian rescue and ambulance team consisting of 99 search and rescue personnel and five doctors, as well as a series of emergency assistance, tents and emergency aid.

On February 8, two aid-carrying aircraft were sent to Damascus, and another was directed to the Adana airport in Turkey.

On February 9, a plane was dispatched to Aleppo and a land convoy to the Syrian-Jordanian border consisting of seven trucks laden with assistance.

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