NARC,BDC kick off Sustainable Economic Fields workshop

Jordan Daily– Under the auspices of the Director General of the National Agricultural Research Center (NARC),Dr.Nizar Haddad ,NARC and Business Development Center(BDC) kicked off a workshop on training Curriculum for institutions and the private sector on the sustainable economic areas within CLUSTER project, which is funded by Cooperating Across Borders in the Mediterranean Program(ENPI CBC MED) ,that works on capacity building for women and young people on hydroponic, aquaculture ,organic farming and food processing , all connected to the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)

Haddad said that building the capacity of young people and women on modern techniques in agriculture is a noble goal that cannot be ignored, as they are the largest and most capable group to overcome the gap and difficulties created by climate challenges and create job opportunities in the agricultural sector.

According to Haddad, the royal directives are clear to create and activate modern technologies capable of addressing climate, water, energy and agriculture challenges and activate partnership with the private sector through donors, locally and internationally, in support of the agricultural development process in Jordan.

Project coordinator, Eng. Alaa Wahba, said that the workshop aims to address social exclusion and empower young people and women in Cyprus, France, Italy, Jordan, Palestine, Spain and Tunisia by leveraging the results of previous projects and providing them with marketable skills in the sectors of sustainable economy.

Ms. Reem Al-Adwan, Director of the Youth Program at the BDC and the coordinator of the CLUSTER Project, noted that the project seeks to facilitating access to the labor market through targeted training courses and training and teaching procedures, that are based on innovative intervention models and developed according to needs assessment, combining successful experiences and encouraging partnerships between educational and training institutions, in addition to involving public institutions and policymakers in providing a supportive environment through the implementation of youth and women empowerment plans.

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